My mom had a ceramic studio in our basement for 20 years, so you could say I grew up in the dusty world of ceramics.  My mom’s studio, ELMS pottery, produced low-fire ceramics.  As a kid, my sisters and I slip cast molds, produced green ware and decorated bisque ware.  When my mom died I inherited one of her kilns and set out on my own.  With the help of The Clay School in Lynn, Massachusetts, I began to explore the risky world of high-fire pottery and the joy of hand building.


artist statement

My goal is to create pieces that express emotion - joy, fun and humor.   Occasionally I throw a serious piece or two in.  I prefer to hand-build creating functional pottery.  Some of my pieces have sculptural forms, others are illustrative in nature.  My pieces are decorated using porcelain and colored slips, along with conventional glazes and fired to cone 5-6.